What Makes Us Different

Get the best service in The Wenatchee Valley

Responsive Service

Amazing Customer Relations

Secure Checkout and Invoicing

We ensure that we can help you the moment you need the guaranteed security that our Bye Bye Bugs provides. Our service times are fast and efficient.

This responsive service comes from the fact that we are always available when you need us. You are and always will be our number one priority. This belief and ideology is what allows us to take care of your home as if it were our own.
Our goal is to build long lasting relationships and to reach a level of expertise that suits you. That includes being there to talk whenever and wherever.

The service industry is littered with companies who refuse to pick up the phone and be there for people. We are set out to be the difference in this industry by building a connection with you.
We understand the necessity for providing value for money and so we make sure that when payments are made that they go through multiple secure channels.

These channels of securities range from going through multiple security checks on our end through Due and authentication checks. Your money will always be safe with us and you can be assured that there will be value given for it.

Our Process

We have worked over the years to ensure that our process is full proof and can bring you the most effective results.

Full Environment Inspection

We administrate a full property inspection to ensure that all points and entrances for pests are found before hand. This is to ensure a thorough service experience.

Sweep & Dust

Your ByeByeBugs service professional will thoroughly ensure that your home is rid of spider webs and insect nests while applying a waterproof dust along the eaves.

Crack & Cervice Treatment

Cracks and crevices need to be dealt with in a meaningful manner as they can be nesting grounds for pests. A bellow duster will be used to apply a waterproof dust in hard to reach cracks and crevices.

Encompassing Spray

This full perimeter, water-resistant treatment will act as a barrier between your home and outside pests. Spray treatments are seasonally tailored to provide year-round pest defense.

Granular Barrier

Our granular barrier will be applied over multiple seasons to prevent pests from nesting near the home. This environmentally sensitive barrier is formulated to strike pest problems at their source.

Interior Protection

Our organic interior spot treatment targets specific moisture points within the home that tend to attract pests.


We begin by documenting the issue you have at hand so we can better asses it.


We build the best plan and pricing for your situation so that you receive valuable expertise.


Through our technological understanding, we optimize the plan through years of data collection as well.


The process is incredibly fast, beating most Pest Control companies and delivers 5 star performance.

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